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    hay guy i am new to the forum i just got a miller syncrowave 300. and i am now setting up my 2 car garage at home as a weld shop/play room :-)

    i also got myself a nice new tool box and wheel grinder for grinding my tungsten.
    and bought new shelves and stuff.

    i am in the process of building a welding table and putting things together i was wondering if you all can post pictures of your shop layout so i can get some ideas. i will post pictures when it all gets done.

    thank you
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    Welcome. Where in CT are you. I have build a few work/welding benches.

    Miller Dynasty 300DX
    HTP MIG 240
    HTP 380 Plasma

    Bridgeport Milling Machine
    South Bend Lathe
    Etc. Etc....


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      hi tjs i am in wallingford Connecticut are you from Connecticut? just got done looking at your website i love the Chevy truck ;-) and the turkey bike.

      and it looks like you have a real nice shop i wish i could be in there im sure you could teach me allot im the type that really wants to learn. congrats and good luck with everything you lucky guy you :-)

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        I was waiting to get all on my areas done and set up a walk thru video of the three areas of my shop.

        1) The fine hand working area
        2) The assembly/disassembly are (the garage) which also doubles as my wood working area.
        3) The hot shop and machine shop building.

        I am working on the hand working area today. Plus I unloaded the 6 sets of shelves that I bought at Home Depot yesterday. They were marked down to $19.00



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          hi jerry i look forward to seeing your video post it when you can

          thank you


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            A place where I have gotten some great deals on shop shelves, furniture, cabinets, etc. is at office furniture surplus places, not machinery surplus. In northern CA, the machinery surplus places charge a lot, and since I am not a big regular customer (being a hobby guy) I can't seem to bargain much. But in the office surplus places, they seem more interested in moving things out the door. The better office cabinets are fairly heavy duty. A good 60" x 30" office table has a pretty solid frame and can be had for $50. I used two as workbenches until I ran out of room for them. If you have such a place nearby it might be worth a look.


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              roosterboy shop picts

              great tool box
              my name is pat and i'm from texas
              i'm with you as for seeing pictures of other shops to give me great ideas/ if any other welders wan't to see other shops can you puter literate folks contact millerwelds and ask them to add a LETS SEE YOUR SHOP! site? what do ya'll think ? i think it would be great info to build a totally MILLER shop around
              just moved to the lake and am really down sizing from my old shop/i have to mini. my equip. and make the most of my area/ just got a dyn.200dx for size/just finished a cutting -weld table with a back splachs and slag drop tray that dumps easly with quik pins/ a little over kill but do it once and you are done and your proud/ when my wife gets home on friday will try to send you pictures of the table/ might give you some ideas/still got some tuning up on it/ sorry i am a welder and not a puter person/after thought/ one of the best tig guys i know usues a bench grinder to sharpen tung/ takes his battery drill and puts the tung in and grinds it/ [email protected]/call me at home all
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                LOL my shop is pretty disfunctional just like me so we get along fine but others may not.
                nice tool box.
                TJS good looking shop, looks like you get to play with some cool toys. nice lil tug boats ya got on there, i'm guessing they are not for the kiddy rides at the fair.
                how many beers dose it take to keep the turky turning till its done. thats a lot of peddling.
                thanks for the help
                hope i helped
                feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
                summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.


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                  To whom it may concern: This is what you do not want your shop to look like, I was able to make money here, but about lost my mind......anyway, I no longer am quite this cluttered......Scatter Brained yes......Paul
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                    More Horror Pics,Paul
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                      And one more lot of alot of stuff in too small a place.... it is amazing the fire marshal never came by.....and I never had any fires....I worked outside....Paul
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                        Paul, That looks like my friends farm shop. He always has to work outside even through the winter. And he wonders why when he needs me to do something I make bring it to me.
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                          You shoulda seen the 2.5 car garage before I moved, it had all the machine shop stuff....I gotta start collecting stamps or something, this heavy iron is tuff movin.....I was working on full size auto haulers at the shop shown, so no way to get them in or the other trailers I worked on. Good thing North Carolina winters are not bad. Thanks for sharin, I thought I was the only one this far gone. Paul
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                            By the way, the Bobcat 225 was outside on trailer!!!!!!
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                              my 7 year old said omg what happen dad looks like my garage before wife said clean it
                              Originally posted by paulrbrown View Post
                              To whom it may concern: This is what you do not want your shop to look like, I was able to make money here, but about lost my mind......anyway, I no longer am quite this cluttered......Scatter Brained yes......Paul
                              miller bobcat 250
                              wc 115a
                              spoolmatic 30a
                              centery 250 mic
                              2 lincoln 225 stick
                              a 1954 hobart portable welder w/ willies jeep engine