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  • Setup Welding Rig?

    Hi there...

    I am from BC Canada and I am going to be setting up a welding rig. I am looking at a few options and would TRULY APPRECIATE any help from the BEEN THERE DONE THAT people, and of course whoever has advice.

    I have been welding for 9 years now and have 4 Pressure Pipe tickets. I work with the UA 170 Pipefitters union most of the time. I have turned into an awesome tig welder (so i've been told). I enjoy stick also, but I enjoy no chipping of slag or wire wheeling.

    I am looking at getting the following machine and truck:

    Trailblazer 302 diesel or gas (not

    Ford 1 ton or Dodge 1 ton Diesel or Chevy 1 ton for that matter with around 50,000 km (30,000 miles)

    I have read a lot of threads and think the "Trailblazer 302" would be a good starter welder. I love the "Miller XMT 304" took my A, B, and C, ticket (in bc) with this welding machine. I have read that the arc etc are similar.

    I don't have a bias on trucks. I really like the look of all three, but I want a diesel with power, but ECONOMY also. I don't need tons of horse or torque. Enough to haul a welding rig and tools.

    Overall I am tired of making $3000 a week when I know there is a lot more to be made. I would also like to be my own boss. Although, I am except when it comes to paycheques.
    Respect he who respects thee. Steve Senger

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    new rig

    good luck on that new rig. I just set one up myself. The hardest thing I found was finding the right truck with low klms for the right price, of course if money is no object there is lots to choose from. Finally went with a few more miles and good loking- Dodge cummins 3500 dually. Always looking for owner /operators for different projects, where in B.C are you from ?when do you expect to be ready to go?

    Kind Regards,


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      Hey richard, not trying to steal steve's job offering, but I also live in BC with a welding truck and am looking for work. I am located in Prince George. Any heads up or contacts would be great.