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ac arc welder ?

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  • ac arc welder ?

    is the ac only arc welders good for home projects? (fixing lawn mowers light trailer work like adding lights) talking about the ones they have at home centers for around $250-$300 like hobart ac0205 or lincon ac-225 sorry for they bad word (lincon ) its for my dad i have a ac/dc arc and mm175 my self thanks for any help
    miller 330 a/pb tig miller 175 mig
    student and hobbiest

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    AC welders are perfect for the DIYer. Use 7014 and AC7018 rods and they work great...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      dc machines arent a **** of a lot more in price and are much more user friendly... ac machines do work good especially if u have the ac rods (ac 7018) or the multipurpose rods 6011 and such... personlly i'd buy the dc machine though,


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        I am on the other side of the fence I would prefer the mig, and buy a spool of flux core for the rough nasty work. I had a Red weldpak 100, good machine for a starter and I could weld thinner than most stick welders could. I currently own a mm210 and wouldn't trade it for 2 of anything else except maybe a mm350p. Mig is easier to learn and will fit more types of repair and fabrication than stick will.

        just my .02 worth


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          the ac-225 dc/ac version is real nice


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            I would have to go with IRON 786. He is right, DC machine are not a whole lot more in cost and are a whole lot more user friendly
            Chris Snyder