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What to buy? MM135 or 140, maybe 175 or 180

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    The Mm 210 is definitely a step above the IM 210. The true competition for the MM 210 would be the Lincoln PM 215.

    If there truely would be an issue with the wife over the extra cost of a MM 210. Understand the HH 187 is a very solid 1/4" and thinner unit. The 210 would definitely have the better duty cycle . At the recreational hobbyist level , it takes some serious effort even on 1/4" to make the duty cycle become an issue on a unit like the HH 187. I 've ran a good 15 -20 3" long welds on 1/4", pretty much back to back with a HH 187 and MM 180 , and neither showed signs of duty cycle issues.


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      Pulled the trigger!

      Thank you all for your inputs - enlightening, and very much appreciated!

      For better or worse, I pulled the trigger on a MM180 from Cyberweld tonight. Thought long and hard about it, but since I'm strictly a hobbiest and farm/home repair type, I simply couldn't justify paying 75% more for a 215 over a 180. If I didn't already have a 225 AC/DC stick welder, or if I was looking for an day in/day out income producer, I'd probably have gone for a 215 or bigger.

      Thanks again!

      (Anybody out there want a used Campbell-Hausfeld MIG 80? No? I didn't think so!)
      Tom Veatch
      Wichita, KS