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    I am looking for a portable fume collector/filter system for welding.
    I have a small shop at home in which I do a moderate amount of
    TIG/MIG welding. I am looking for a sturdy industrial quality machine
    with swivel type wheels that delivers good air movement and is
    quiet enough not to need ear protection. I have looked at several
    online after searching on google. Some looked like they would work
    for my application, but I tend to trust the consumer more.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    the smoke cannon

    here ya go i found this on Presents the "Smoke Cannon" a welding tool to prevent the inhalation of particulate matter, and increase visablity on the weld. More info @ h...

    hope that helps
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      Thanks for the link. I was looking more for an enclosed filtered
      system that can be used in a closed space without outside
      ventilation. I TIG mostly and unlike STICK the smoke is not
      an issue as much as the harmful gasses. It would seem like
      that device would also disrupt the gas flow from the torch to
      the work piece. Good for outside use though...


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        I use a compact 120volt unit made by Nedderman. It has a built in blower, (nice and quiet) a folding arm that swivels into almost any positon and reachs approx. eight feet, and an enclosed filter. I use it at work for heavy flux core and stick fumes, it works great. when its all wrapped up for storage, it takes up about 30" x 48" of floor space and stands about five feet tall.


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          Well it would help if I could remember the name but we have two of them at school, I used them a couple times. I found them a very good thing to have, welding smoke isnt that easy on the lungs But the only thing I found so bad about them is you can only get them into a certian area which can make you working on a project a real pain. You always seem to find away to bang your head off it or hit it , but other then that I will be in school in about a week I can check the brand for you if you like?
          Thanks for reading I hope my post helped



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            Here's a link to the Nederman site

            Nederman offers solutions for protecting people, planet and production from harmful effects of industrial processes. Your dust and fume extraction expert!

            and a pic of a similar unit to what I use
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            Dynasty 300DX
            Esab PCM 1000