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    you have my respect

    YOU DA MAN Just curious, what was the total manhours on that thing?
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      Nice Job Fat Kid.

      What do you do for a living? I like the shop that the grill was in. I'm looking to expand my business and need some advise on what and how to set up my shop. If you can send some pics that would be great.



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        Very nice job.Something that looks that good you wouldnt want to use it.
        Well done.Are you on the fire department too or did you just build it for them?
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          It is an overall very good design. The only question I have is how come you didn't make one, instead of three cookers? You would have saved time and material. Very good desing though!


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            hot licks

            Originally posted by The Fat Kid View Post
            I built this grill when i was in tech school. I built it for a desing contest but never got around to entering it. I later on sold the grill to the local fire department.

            The grill was built useing a miller Aero wave and a dynasty 300DX. had a great time making it. the shop teacher had to kick me out of the shop a few times at 10 pm .

            well guys enjoy

            The Fat Kid

            PS included a pic of my Rose that i made too
            I bet the fire department absolutly flipped over that one , you made some real hot licks , the local fire department here would be absoluly wild about one like that.


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              Grill is fantastic, but also interested on that last pic of the rose. Tried some from some cheap welding project book...OOOOGLY!!!!!!!!
              Is there a pattern you could send me?
              I'm not late...
              I'm just on Hawaiian Time