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Building a cage to keep critters out.....

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    Insulate the cages from ground and wire them up to 240 Volts or 480 Volts with appropriate warning signs and disconnect switch where they can't get to it. I'll bet they won't touch it more than once. They'll pick an easier mark next time(if they survive). Maybe just having it LOOK LIKE it's electrified may work with some. Although I have heard of some people stealing ground wires off powerline poles, till they got hold of one that was energized, that's usually where their copper theft career ends, permanently. Can anyone say Crispy Critters?
    An electric fence charger may be all that's needed to deter most theives.
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      Originally posted by SkidSteerSteve View Post
      the most daring I've heard of (I don't know if it is completely true, but it sounded that way) were some ATM thieves that would drive up next to a machine with a track hoe on a trailer. Knock the little building down, dig the machine up, set it on the trailer and drive off. Talk about nerves of "steal" SSS
      I've heard of a similar situation in southern California where a guy used a skid steer to steal atm where there is a will there's a way. you may slow them down but you cant stop them


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        try razor wire to slow them down

        if it is a flat roof put razor wire around the inside perimeter, have it insulated off the roof and connect it to an electric fence transformer. May not stop the determined thieves but definitely will slow them down.
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          Someone tried to steal an ATM with a chain and a truck from the lobby of a store in Hanoverton Oh a few years ago. Prob is the bumper was pulled from the truck and with chain and license plate still attached they just drove away...Bob
          Bob Wright