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Project: Welding table

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  • Project: Welding table

    I finally got a couple pictures of the welding table I made this fall. Already has green paint over spray on it. The frame was a old buss saw stand and the grating I found at a farm auction for about scrap price. The wheels were the most expense. I have used it quite a bit and like the shorter height. Will have to make a stool the right height so you can work setting down.
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    Looks great. Was the grating off something else or did you make that up special?

    I really like those wheels. Where did those come from? How much?

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      The grating is a standard 1 1/4 grating. Used in like cat walks etc. The wheels came from Menards at about 7 or 8 dollars each.


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        Nice table, I never thought of building one like that. I build them with solid plate on one side for welding and grate like yours on the other for cutting. I build a lot of corner posts, so i tack weld a jig for building them on the plate. Makes the process go by a lot faster. Hope you enjoy many hours of welding with your new table.

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