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    I'll cast my vote for Red Wings. I have tied others, and they just did not fit the bill. Wolverines blew the side out after six months. Tried two pairs of that boot to make sure. Red Wing (Pecos model) is the way to go. Offers excellent traction in various conditions. Red wing also makes boots with a synthetic type steel toe or at least used to so it would not conduct electricity. Dollar for dollar they are the best. Keep 'em oiled and swapped out and you can't do wrong.
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      red wings all the way
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        Originally posted by harcosparky View Post
        Only 2 places were I cannot wear my RED WINGS.

        IN BED, and the shower.

        I'm a motorcyclist who rides whenever he can, even now in December the bikes are fueled and ready to ride. Nothing more exhilerating than a sub-freezing temp ride, properly dressed of course.

        In any case Red Wings has been earning my business for years. Expensive? Not really, oh sure the initial cash outlay may be higher than most but the TCO " Total Cost of Ownership " is less in my opinion.

        They take care of you before, during and more importantly AFTER the sale!

        My vote is for Red Wings!
        WELL, there is that Paul Newman movie where he is wearing his boots to bed with a woman. She ask him why he has the boots on , he said TRACTION!!


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          Originally posted by Bart View Post
          I have been wearing Redwings for 20 years and have never had any complaints until recently. I order your standered steel toe high top boot, and it took over a month to get them. When I got them the padding around the akle was none exisitant. After about a month the leather streatched out so much that I can tighten up the lasses to the point where the two sides of the boot are up against each other and the boot is still loose. Years ago I strayed once from redwing and tried another band and went back to redwing never to look at another brand again. But after this last pair I really think it is time to check other brands.
          I bet if you take them back to the Redwing Store they'll make it right with you.

          My Redwing store does free cleaning, oiling, replaces laces, etc. The last time I took them in to get re-soled they looked at them said oh this isn't right.....I'm thinking not a good month to spent $150 on new boots...They said did we re-sole these last time, I said yes, they looked it up and said well it was a poor job we'll re-sole them for free this time.

          GREAT service at least at my local store.


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            These are my Red Wings... 150 bucks and on their 2nd winter. Seeing as how I used to pay 100 for a pair of Timberland's that would last me part of one winter, these are a bargain. Very comfortable once broken in... And these are well broken in as you can see. Feet still stay dry all day.
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              I used to wear Redwings, until they started using some kind of rubberized insole.
              So I switched to Whites. All leather, made in USA, wonderful arch support.
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                skid steer; how do you ask all the questions that get so many posts. as for me it's chipawa loggers.
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                  georgia mud dog steeltoes
                  are my favorite
                  my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
                  feel free to P/M me


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                    any blundstone fans out there tried the "redback" also from AUS.
                    buddy of mine sent me a link as we both use blundies.

                    the redbacks have a more substantial sole


                    NO affiliation's
                    just trying to figure out whatns next for me