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    There's quite a few independent boot/hunting stores around here (W PA) that carry Redwing. Don't recall ever seeing a Redwing only store.


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      I've just changed to Red Wings this past year (slip-ons). They broke in fast, and are the most comfortable boot I've ever worn. Also, they fit my orthotics well. I use the conditioner on them once a week, and they seem to be holding up better than other brands I've had over the years. Probably fifty percent of the guys I work with wear Red Wings, in a shop of over 130. I do find them a little cool to wear outside in -28c weather, if I'm not moving around much. The soles smell pretty bad when they melt on hot iron compared to other brands.

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        i gotta put in for justins. i work 55+ hrs a week on concrete and they do pretty good. i had some gortex wolvereens that weren't bad. doc martins are popular at my shop.


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          Just purchased a pair of Redwings a couple of weeks ago for $135. Spendy, but I am good for the next three years.
          I have worn RW for the last 45 years and there have been times that I have purchased other makes of boots but have always come back to RW's

          This pair has a tag that says made in USA with inported materials. I don't believe that there is a tannery in the US any more.

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            I wear Red wings,I have been using red wing boots for over
            20+ years.


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              Im new to these forums but in case any one wants to know where they can find some Redwing work boots, has some


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                red wings

                Originally posted by youngwelder_154 View Post
                Just looking at different kinds of the Red Wing boots makes me scream I WANT THEM, I WANT THEM!!!!!! :P What are som stores they sell them at?
                in alberta at the red wing store they are $325 with a union discount. Which may seem like a lot of money but I wear them almost everyday and they're 5 years old I have a brand new pair I bought because the other ones leaked. Red wing fixed my other ones for free now I have 2 pairs of new boots. They are the only ones that don'thurt my back when i'm standing on concrete. Jef


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                  Red Wing for me,

                  A guy I work with always buys his Red Wings 2 pair at a time and alternates them daily. He claims they last longer if you let them dry out for 30+ hours. Increasing on that "TCO Total Cost of Ownership " and keeping his feet healthier.

                  Example: 1 pair boot last 5 years, then 2 pair last 10 years, If you alternate them daily and let them dry out 2 pair will last 13 years.

                  Does anyone else do this?

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                    Jef, thanks for that. I want a pair but right now I'm a little short on money I got myself a new BWE inferno yesterday and that took alot of my money away you can say it might have burned a hole in my pocket ha ha (lame I know)
                    Thanks for reading I hope my post helped



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                      I like these boots because when I drop some steel it always seems to land just behind the steel toe so I wear these boots because they have extra protection that covers the whole foot and protects the laceses from getting burnt off.They are pretty comfy cost $140.00 after all the smoke clears at marks.Where I work they pay up to $130.00 per year for safety wear something is better than nothing I think.
                      O Ya hey steve did you ever get to welding that steel cable yet?
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                        These boots, last pair were 4 years old before I had to retire them from sole separation. Then of course I find out I can spend $55 and get new sole put on them....


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                          Gunruner, I believe the changing of footware every day is to stop the bacterial growth that happens from heat and moisture. I've been told to swap my boots every day, for that matter any footware, so the bacteria doesn't grow and multiply.
                          I am on my first pair of Red Wings, slip-ons, and so far they have stood up better than others I've worn over the years.

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                            Originally posted by gunruner View Post
                            ...Example: 1 pair boot last 5 years, then 2 pair last 10 years, If you alternate them daily and let them dry out 2 pair will last 13 years. Does anyone else do this?..
                            I don't do this with my work boots, though I've thought about it. I do know it to be true, as I learned this in the Navy. I always had two pair of daily polished oxfords that I rotated in the same manner.

                            I wear Red Wings, too. I've had CATs, also, and they were pretty decent, but these Red Wings are awesome. I often wear them on the weekends after a good polish job.


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                              Originally posted by Darmik View Post
                              ....O Ya hey steve did you ever get to welding that steel cable yet?
                              No, not yet. It's been crazy with the warm weather starting back. Been trying to get foundation pads built for six new projects this spring. Also been shuttling all the junk out from around the shop because we are about to pour a whole lot of concrete. Got a call from our pre-mix supplier and starting April 1, mud is going up about $5-6/yd. Still need to finish all the drive back to the shop and the landing pad out in front. Ah, inflation..... SSS
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                                No Red Wings Iron Age

                                I guess I'll be the exception. I had 2 pairs of Red Wing shoes and they were highly overrated. I went back to the steel toe Dr Martins and then this last October I tried a brand called Iron Age (model 257) and I LOVE THEM. Plus they got the metatarsal guards which also keeps my bootlaces from burning up from falling slag, and they look cool but they especially are comfortable. Like the all day on your feet comfortable. The only thing I got from Red Wing was ingrown toenails and less money in my wallet.
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