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Anybody using a cordless grinder?

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    New Lithium Battery for Cordless Tools

    Lithium-ion batteries coming soon on Ryobi tools. A company in Houston, TX has been developing a new Lithium-ion battery and charger for the company in China that builds the Ryobi tools. It is lighter and has more power (amps) than Ni-Cad batteries.
    The new battery will be interchangeable but will cost more. The benefits are light weight and longer battery life.
    Jim Douglas


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      Originally posted by Trap Doctor View Post
      ...The new battery will be interchangeable...
      Now that's a great idea that I wish the other guys had done.


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        The go to grinder

        I've had this grinder for about a year. The battery does not last very long, and it is not the tool for hogging out big welds. However, despite being very skeptical at first, I now look to grab this grinder first, even in the shop. This tool and the dewalt cordless reciprocal saw rate an "A".


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          Originally posted by Agades View Post
          where are you finding them for $59???????
          On eBay, of course. Good luck. I looked at all the folks selling them for about the same price and picked the seller with the best customer service feedback.

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            I had to pick up a Ryobi cordless grinder. 2 batteries, charger and grinder all sold seperately at Home Depot, came up to @ $100.00 I don't expect it to last long, but the DeWalt grinder seperate from those combo packeges was over $300 by itself. If I lost it or it gets stolen at the jobsite, I won't have to cry....
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              Thats it, I'm sold! I cant stand swaping hard wheels and wire wheels constantly when doing pipe. I always wire wheel the slag instead of a chipping hammer and alot of the machines I run on don't have hot start abilitys so I find myself grinding the start and stop points alot.


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                Oh yeah, and since I first posted on this thread, my DeWalt one is now for sale before I leave for Papua New Guinea. E-mail me if interested.