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how to build a pipe bender???

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  • how to build a pipe bender???

    How to build a pipe bender????? I need blue prints to build a pipe bender...

    Inferno Forge


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    What do you want to bend? and what style of bender do you want? The net is full of drawings...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      A pipe bender? sounds like something that would make work alot easier. If you dont build oen you could always use a oxy/fuel torch. I used that all last year at school I found it worked very well. Or you could always try to go on Ebay or find someone who is selling one? If im thinking of what you want then im sure you could buy one second hand.
      Thanks for reading I hope my post helped



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        Are you wanting to bend thin wall such as exhaust tubing or do you want to bend schedgule 40 or 80?


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          A bender powered by a 10 ton hydraulic jack.capable of bending
          up to 2" pipe should be available at a reasonable price to-day.
          Saw many homemade and plans for homemade benders years ago.
          If you decide to construct your own it may be easier to purchase
          bending heads and rollers if they are available separately.
          Have seen some good designs in later years and if doing much pipe
          work again would build one along these lines utilising bending heads,
          rollers and jack from one purchased 20 years ago.

          R W


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            You can buy one at Norther tool they have both a 12 and a 16 ton version.
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              HF has them on sale from time to time. They work, not the greatest, but a whole lot better than me trying to bend it by hand.

              Harbor Freight buys their top quality tools from the same factories that supply our competitors. We cut out the middleman and pass the savings to you!

              I have seen them even lower priced than this sale price.