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  • Grinders

    I watched a bit of the Andy vid. Gret fabricator. I have been down the road a bit with the cut off wheels, a bit of that might be able to see some improvement so to speak. Most of that here would have been right angle with a gaurd and not have the wheel running in line with the operator. Would blow a bunch of the dross right out the door on the floor.
    As well as regular snips they make bull nose which will actually cut an electric panel if a guy is strong enuf but easily snips small amounts of 16 and 18 easily. I have a bud loves the wheel but he was used to working in a foundry with tools he didnt own and blows the sparks any direction. I check guys out and coach them a little, the vise rotates as does the gaurd, we can shoot this right to the floor , in the corner etc.
    I realize that project is still bare, it just becomes a habit after a while. I am not above clamping a tin in etc. We put a steel coffee can behind a plasma cut a while back.
    I had shielded something with an angle and for giggles my bud put a tubing over it and run right out the door and was teasing him about boxing it up for recycle. Was on an F600 they drove till the bush wore right thru the bracket. Had to take the whole truck apart and get the parts and instead we made a part and insert/repair in place in a couple hrs. Not for everyone for sure, really tight and congested is not exaggerating.