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Industrial Craftsman 50/295 Repair

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  • Industrial Craftsman 50/295 Repair

    Hello, I'm replacing the ABC Heat side with some Miller type jack plugs. Concerning the arc jumping inside to the case. Do you guys think the new ⅛" bolts are too close to the lugs?

    Click image for larger version

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    Problem with photos,

    More to come.....


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      Click image for larger version

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      Right at ¼" between the grounded bolt and the washer. They are in factory locations but as you can see were a more insulated. I'm sure some of you have done repairs similar, have any issues with current jumping?


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        This welder has ocv of 80 or so, takes about 10000 to jump an inch. As long as its not touching its good.


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          If you’re worried about it, wouldn’t hurt to put some schmoo over those bolts. It’ll keep it from getting shorted out by a lizard crawling across it at least.


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            I appreciate your comments. I could use some self educating on open current voltage. Didn't think about critters getting into the unit. The mud dobbers like building in here when the machine is in Texas. I haven't seen any out here in New Mexico. I found a loose insulator laying on the bottom but I'll be danged if I haven't spotted any witness marks to where it goes. Lend me your eyes if you will.


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              Air is an insulator. If they aren't moving around, 1/4" of air is a lot of insulation. As mentioned, welding voltage is relatively low.