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Small lightweight welding table (maybe foldable)

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  • Small lightweight welding table (maybe foldable)

    So once again im back looking for suggestions and thoughts on the following welding table. I was watching some youtube videos and ended up down a rabbit hole of "welding project ideas" and one was actually not bad when it came to saving on a welding table and space.

    There was no audio as the video was from overseas somewhere, but def like the idea, for me specially since i am limited on workspace and have to setup and take down anytime i have to work on any welding projects.

    The person used some thin gauge square tubing to build the overall structure of the table, then for the tob, he embedded/recessed what was probably 1/2 or 3/4 plywood into the top with mounting tabs to keep the wood at the same height as the top of the frame. Once installed then he welding possibly 1/8 sheet on to the frame, so you never see the wood, but it was there for structure and support..

    Any thoughts on such a layout? I mean once i have actual workspace and can dedicate areas/space to tables and equipment, i have to look for solutions that make sense for me now..

    I was going to look at making a small 4x4 table in that manner and finding a way to make it foldable/collapable so that i can roll it back into the garage when im done for the day.

    Any downsides? Any other options..​

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    Ya welding inside or out? Wheels on a welding table no matter the size makes it at least go away when not in well if inside a table that folds up / down from a wall and is supported by a pair of collapsible legs sometimes works also?


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      It will def have locking wheels on it. And was looking to design the legs similar to this table(scissor leg style)
      Click image for larger version

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        A welding table can never be to big or too strong.
        Corollary: my next table will be bigger and stronger…


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          I did so much welding on a 6x6 inch steel plate on a pipe stand. It was perfect for small jobs
          Bob Wright


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            Have you looked at the folding welding tables Miller or stronghands tools make? Northern Tool has a couple of affordable options for small tables and, of course, there’s the ever present horrible freight. Their table is basically the same as the stronghands tool, just a bit thinner material. Just do a google search for folding welding tables. I’d put a link but sometimes the sight will flag it as spam.


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              I mean i have looked at those small tables offered by different locations.. but never really considered them as viable options.. BUT i just looked at them again and noticed something in one of the "pictures" that has me rethinking that avenue.

              In one of the pictures, they had 2 tables next to each other to create a larger table.. which may actually work, i mean my current work table is those foldable work stands that painters use for automotive painting.. i pull that out and then throw a piece of plywood on top and have a work bench.

              At least with the actual folding welding tables they sell, its all metal and probably work just the same or better..
              So i may purchase 2 of them and give that a try. If not then ill look at making my own.


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                There a couple other brands out there and some of them are larger. Something else to consider is a table top that you set on saw horses or pipe jacks, like the weld tables dot com. You buy the kit, assemble it yourself. If you get a small enough one you can actually lift it and move it around. The added advantage there is you can clamp things down in the middle of your table. I have one of their larger tables tops, but I have to use the gantry to pick it up and store it or get it out and set it up.