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  • advice hint Catching Hanging Island frame

    a friend of mine asked me if I could make him a Catching Hanging Island. she would like to use it instead of wall shelves and shelves, to install it in his room. for reasons of space he would like to put this suspended system to store bulky objects, boxes and other junk he owns, any suggestions? what capacity could it have seen that it does not rest on the ground and is hung, how much weight could it load, how do I adjust to distribute the load and make it sufficiently robust? 'how should I conceive it to be functional robust and safe light and robust ?? unusual.


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    The weight it will hold would be depending on what it’s attached to in the ceiling. In all reality there should be 2 dedicated beams under the drywall running to the load bearing walls just to bolt the island hangers to. In a perfect world.
    Bob Wright


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      yes I understood that it was necessary to anchor the structure well to distribute and distribute loaded weights and various stresses, it is a concrete floor, therefore if I do not find 2 adjacent beams I cannot create a sufficiently safe and stable structure, the ceiling is plastered, I should find a retractable

      thickness beam in reinforced concrete, but it is all plastered.