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    Originally posted by MadisonHotRods View Post
    Could you explain this "copper backup purge for stainless"? I am familiar with back purging with argon gas only. How is this copper used?
    Copper plates formed to the shape needed to provide gas in the areas that would be affected by the welding deliver the argon to the precise area, there will be a copper tube welded and there will be holes in it for the gas to flood the area needed...we use copper because it acts as a
    heat sink, and will not stick to the penetration, should there be any.
    This is a corner purge drawing...this can be made entirely out of copper...for welding a fillet.
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      Weld bead width

      Collets and gas lenses are available down to .040 for the Diamondback torch that is supplied with the Miller Syncrowave 250. My bet is they are also available for the torch supplied with the 200. 1.5 to 3mm wide welds are realistic with the 3/32 you said was supplied with your machine.


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        can you use strait Co2 for back purge or C-25 maybe ?? or dose it need to be argon. if TIGing the part with strait argon for torch gas, are there any options for purge other than strait argon ??
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
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