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how to make and design a sturdy tow bar tips .

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  • how to make and design a sturdy tow bar tips .

    excuse me if I ask the unusual question, I realize that it would take the advice of a technician, perhaps an engineer, however, with your permission I expose the discussion.
    we will have to recover an old abandoned truck in the countryside, for safety reasons, we thought that instead of using cables, chains or other devices, it was better to adopt a tow bar, such as a tow bar. the same will not be used in a public road, but inside a private land along a private path, some suggestions, some advice, what optimal length the bar to avoid bending when cornering, which section of the tubular or the profile, how to make the hook eyelets. thanks we await suggestions.

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    I believe that tow bars like the ones you showed are for flat towing and not for recovery purposes. I’ve seen plenty of vehicles, including heavy highway trucks, recovered with the use of cables. I’ve never seen anyone use a rigid setup for recovery unless it’s used as a jib for lifting.


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      the cable is dangerous it acts as a spring rope, it is danger it has a whip effect and pulls and tugs, while with the drawbar and as if it were a trailer pulled by the rudder-type tractor, I repeat it must not circulate on the motorway the rules prohibit towing if not to the authorized tow trucks, as we recover an old vehicle abandoned in the countryside.


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        Connection to the truck being towed is an issue. Unless you are welding on brackets to suit a tow bar. An A frame bar would be best but I don’t know how you would hook it to the vehicle you are towing. I have towed 100’s of miles with a common log chain back in my younger stupid days. Maybe use a tow dolly under the front wheels that was my 2nd way to tow until I built a trailer which would be the best way. Just my thoughts…. Bob
        Bob Wright


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          aametalmaster makes a good point what attachment points are available on the vehicle to be towed? Further how heavy is it? Is the terrain flat or hilly? Do the wheels turn freely? Does the vehicle to be towed have functioning, reliable brakes and someone to use them? How big is the towing vehicle and what attachment points are on it?



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            If your cable is at risk of snapping then you should probably use a larger cable.


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              thank you for the right suggestions, we will take the truck into neutral like an agricultural trailer, we unlocked the brakes.

              homemade tow bar description:
              tube length, 2.10 meters
              outer tube thickness 62mm, inner tube 50mm in steel
              35mm hook plate hole,
              45 mm rudder eye hole, recovered from old trailer rudder then tested and certified for safety
              hook plate 35 cm long
              10 centimeters wide
              sheet thickness 3 cm
              welded with basic electrodes.


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                Click image for larger version

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                  thanks for your precious suggestion in our area we use a bell-shaped hook, it would be like a support a fork with two holes and a through pin, thanks anyway.


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                    I can’t wait until your next project
                    Bob Wright