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  • A post that might be worth looking at

    Recent work that I've done. Spare tire carrier for a '34 Plymouth. Never done this type of work professionally before but grew up around an old guy that knew his way around an english wheel and planishing hammer.
    My part time job recently turned into a full time job at a local hot rod shop.
    No torch welding on this job just tig. A little wheel and some planishing.
    Started by reinforcing the crossmember to support the load of the new carrier. This car won't have a spare so we opted to utilize the mount as the fuel filler neck.
    I'll get to fabricating a tank in a week or so. Patterns were made and the drawings sent to be laser cut and cnc press broke.
    The tire carrier will get a special hinge so the two halves will allow easy access for refueling the LS3.
    It's a RS Chassis specially made for this project.
    I don't want to get into all the details, I just wanted to share an example of what some of us are capable of doing other than bad mouthing one another here on a forum that has taken a recent turn for the worse (IMO)
    I for one appreciate the knowledge and experience the gentlemen that have been and a few that have stayed here share with all of us.
    Miller is a reputable company and it's forum should be treated with more respect.
    In closing the only bad mouthing that should be shared here are how bad Lincoln foot controls are. The lack of a rear lip to locate your foot is a constant challenge. I'll be riveting an aluminum flange to the tail end tomorrow.
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    Cool project! I bought a roll of that 3m paper you have on there a while back. I was shocked at how much it is. Don’t waste it!

    So this car is going to look old but run like stink huh?


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      it'll look original at first glance but won't sound at all like a 34 that's for sure


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        Had a chance to drive an originally equipped model A a couple months back, it’s certainly a different kind of driving, more like driving a tractor.


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          Beautiful work! Thanks for posting.


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            After driving that 31 model A around, I believe I would like to take on one of those projects, but I’d have to find an upgrade to the braking system, it’s just terrible on those old cars. I don’t see that being a problem in this build since it’s a modern chassis. Dang cool custom for sure.