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Metal brake shop press question

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  • Metal brake shop press question

    Ill try and post pictures when i can, but looking for some advice on how to rebuild the brake portion.

    I dont have it in front of me right now, but the bottom portion was made out of 1/4" angle and that portion is seen better days.. everything else (base and the "blade" portion were made out of some 5/8" plate, even with the distortion that the angle has experienced, im still getting some pretty accurate bends.
    But the more i use it lately, the more i just want to go ahead and repair it.. ill be attempting to bend some 5/8" rod this weekend for a client and will see how the current setup holds up. but still wanted to ask.

    So my question is, should i stick to the 1/4"angle? should i go thicker? and if i do, should i go larger in size of the angle, i believe its currently 1 1/2" angle.

    recommendations on that portion would be great.

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    Pics of what you have now?
    Bob Wright


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      Really need pics of what you have and also what you will be bending the majority of the time. The thicker the material the larger opening you need.
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        Press brake dies are available by the inch. Get a 4 way to get more options.


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          Attached best images i could get this morning before leaving. As for what ill be bending really varies.. these 5/8" rods that i need to bend this weekend will be the thickest to this day, before that the thickest ive bent was 1/4". But i def want to have options.. being that this was built instead of bought, i can make any changes needed.. ill be attempting the bends probably tonight or tomorrow before the client comes saturday. Hope the pictures are clear enough..

          The arrow is pointing at the point of failure where its pulled away from the side supports..


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            Originally posted by walker View Post
            Press brake dies are available by the inch. Get a 4 way to get more options.
            Ive looked at that, but not sure how that would work with my setup since it was custom made


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              Use solid bar
              Bob Wright


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                Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
                Use solid bar
                Solid bar for the bottom portion?


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                  Looks as if someone over-stressed that bottom piece by trying to bend something beyond it's capacities.......Bigger in thickness in that case is better , like instead of having a 1/4" thick angle, maybe 3/8" + but in doing so that restricts the angle of the bend inside that bending cavity on thicker materials , without being able to change your top die that is doing the pushing..........That brake looks like a copy of the SWAG bending brake......a nice tool when used correctly and allows for many adjustments and fingers to do many things with a standard 20 ton press over about 20"......You can rebuild what you have or replace it..........just keep in mind whatever you do has an eventual effect on what you can bend going forward.


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                    Not sure what the thought process was for my ex coworker when he put it all together. I merely supplied the materials and he welded it and put it together for me about 7 years ago. I dont use it often, but has come in handy plenty of times.. So im ok with repairing/replacing the damaged portions if i get another 7yrs out of it. Ill have to hit up the scrap yards for something thicker that i can use to replace the bottom portion without breaking the bank.

                    At one point back then i had thought about making different bottoms to allow for the bending of other material thicknesses and also making something that would replace the large "finger" with different options to create round bends and sharp bends in thinner materials.. but never got around to do it..

                    Right now its more to get it back in decent shape and ensure it lasts few more years