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    [COLOR="Black"]I have a couple of projects including a front drive gate/ fence / patio railing,
    all to be made of square tubing and wroght iron. I usally do welding on farm and ranch equipment, but nothing this fancy. Does anyone have any helpfull hints to help me achive a great look with great stabilaty. Also what is needed to secure railings to a patio/cement porch and how should it be done? what is the best way to hang a gate and what clearance should be left? I will be using a bobcat 225 stick and would like any helful hints to make it look great and durable.

    Thankyou : Justin Longoria , any pictures or ideas may be left here or e-mailed to my Firehouse at [email protected]

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    I would personally use lag bolts to attach it to the concrete. Fab up some pads with holes and bolt the railing to the lag bolts. As far as the rest. Just take your time and think clean welds. Fancy welding is just dressing your welds after they are complete. Stick will do good if you adjust your heat right. If you have access to a mig. That is what I would use. As far as clearances on your gate. Look at other gates in your area and use that as a guide. Always add a grease zert to your hinges on a gate so it will work like new even 50 years down the road.



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      Try this place they have a large idea book and a great supply book plus they are
      in Texas ... One state below Oklahoma