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WTB wheels and handles for a Miller Thunderbolt 225

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  • WTB wheels and handles for a Miller Thunderbolt 225

    The OM says that the optional #11A running gear kit is part #041 637.
    Can't find that anywhere, any suggestions?
    I did find a TC150 DC converter on eBay, but I don't always need that around, and space is a factor, especially if I go mobile.

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    When I bought my T-bolt over 20 years ago, I got the running gear kit with it. It was just a couple of lawn mower style wheels with a rod for an axle and a piece of 1/2" flat bar bent into a handle that attached to the sheet metal wrapper of the machine. The handle was too low to really be useful. We had a T-bolt where I used to work and I built a frame out of angle, added a taller handle with hooks to wrap the leads and put swivel casters on all four corners. That welder frequently made the rounds in a manufacturing plant and the cart worked very well. I think you'd be better off building your own running gear.


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      There was an old stock one on the shelf where i used to work at the local Miller dealer...Bob
      Bob Wright