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  • Headboard

    This is a custom headboard I whipped up for my F-250. I don't know how long it took, but I do remember getting lost in my garage shop for a weekend. I made the spider body from a block of 6061 aluminum. The legs were cut from sheet stock and ground in by hand then welded on the body using a Miller Dynasty.
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    pretty cool man pretty cool
    The one that dies with the most tools wins

    If it's worth having, it's worth working for


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      That looks oddly familiar?
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        Just when you think you're the only one...
        That's great!
        What's the spider made of?


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          It ain't as fancy as yours. This one is made of mild steel. The spider is a former trailer hitch ball. It's attached by a ΒΌ" diameter round rod that allows the spider to *crawl* across the webbing. Actually, it sorta swings in an arc from the pivot point at the top of the gate. I've got plans for a bed rack that will have smaller webs for the support gussets.
          Be careful of the people behind you that want to get a closer look at your headache rack.
          Nice job.


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            Just wanted to tell you guys....TOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Yes, of course I'll copy it Nothing like that in Hawaii. Maybe it'll bring me some business
            I'm not late...
            I'm just on Hawaiian Time