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  • Cost To Make New Pieces?

    While my back hoe digger arm was being repaired I strapped up the cylinder and continued to use the tractor. During that time one of my cylinder bosses vanished into the unknown. Gave up looking and had a couple made. They didn't have the tooling to cut bearing race hard metals so I asked him to make two of them. I figured that would be cheaper if the new one was softer than the original and it wouldn't cost me a bent cylinder. Curious about how much prices are in your area. I paid $218 for two of these.

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        Good price. A lone guy like me could have been cheaper but i do it for fun...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          I think it's high but could be the area or if the guy doesn't know you at all and didn't want to be bothered. Maybe he had to order a small chunk to machine them out of? That can get expensive too. I usually pay about 45-65 a piece for stuff like this. Usually 1045 steel. But that is from a shop I use all the time.
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            Most of that stuff came with 1018 mild steel pins and sockets.........and yes 1045 is a better piece of steel with additional strength of 76k vs 64k but with the additional strength 1045 can also become more brittle in some applications....but the real question is are the materials in both pin and sockets matched? If one is harder than the other the weaker material will normally take the accelerated wear.......if both are the same then its's assumed they will wear equally depending on placement & application......1045 is used in lots of these applications & I've seen many tractor manufacturers oped to have the easier to replace part being the weaker link................of course daily Lubrication is you friend......


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              In my shop, those would’ve been made out of whatever I had laying around, so probably 1018, 1144 or 4130, and they would’ve been about $50 each. Maybe a little more if I had to cut a bearing race, not much more.

              I get little jobs like that fairly often from some of the local rice farmers.


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                Thank's for the input. None of the pins are really wore out. You can tell most or all of them had been replaced at one time. Some are too short between cotter pins to hold washers on both sides. Going to weld the washers on one end and use the pin on the other. The old cylinder packing keeps plugging up the screen as I go through the cylinders I'll be replacing the pins with Expanders from Nord-Lock.