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Vulcan Heavy Duty Welding Cart - Can it be heavier duty??

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  • Vulcan Heavy Duty Welding Cart - Can it be heavier duty??

    Hey Folks,

    I just got a welding cart (yes, from Harbor Freight) yesterday, and it is a great cart for a home user. Lots of storage in it! The reason for the post is... it's maximum weight capacity is 500 lbs. Well.... just my two machines and two bottles will be 446 lbs. This thing is just folded and welded sheet metal. I would like to beef it up a little to be able to put all of my stuff in/on it without having to worry about it collapsing on me.

    So, give me your opinions on my idea.

    I was thinking about using some 3/4" angle around the perimeter (vertical and horizontal) to give it more support Then I thought about adding another (2nd) set of casters to the center of the front and back to give it more support in the center. I ultimately want to make a rack that will go on top (over the machines) with a place to store my canisters of rods... keep everything handy.

    Where is my newbie, lack of forethought showing? I'm sure I'm missing something that I should consider before taking on this endeavor.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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    If you want to hold everything in the shop on there then you should take it back and build a cart that’ll handle the load. You bought a light to medium duty tool, I wouldn’t push it. Use it for a while and build something better after you learn what all you want. I’m in the process of building a small cart for a recently acquired feeder my self. You can get a decent center tool box and build a cart around it.