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analog meter upgrade on CP302

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  • analog meter upgrade on CP302

    I was getting frustrated with the analog volt meter on my CP302 welder. Started doing research on a digital replacement. Found a few but they all were so tiny. Here is what I came up with using a freebie from Harbor Freight. I hooked the meter in parallel with the analog one, running the 2 wires through the vent slots using 16ga solid wire. The meter has an on/off switch so I just turn it on when using the welder, leaving it there and off when not. What I noticed using the digital meter is that counting turns on the hand crank was not an accurate way to gauge the voltage. Having the digital screen allows me to dial in a more precise voltage rather than guessing on the very slight deflections of the analog meter. Now I should be able to recreate some settings with a higher degree of accuracy. I am by no means a welding expert but this mod will really help me improve.

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    Ya man, whatever makes you better is a good thing right? After a while, you won’t need that meter, you’ll just know where to set the dial.