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    Well another hit the mail box post this time and tore the door off, he even came back and offered to pay for replacement cost of the box, told him because he was honest and see that the was really regretful, ( let him off the deal) guess seeing that 9MM on my side help his judgment, I said how much damage on your truck he said the mirror gone but that chipping hammer facing the road is the exact height to take the side modeling on an F250 and spits it in perfect center the length of the truck, laughed and said that was the plan, so I unbolted it sharpened the chipping hammer and went to some they my see, might not know its America, I wanted to put an old Camel Back Drill Press that I had, well thought I would have got a better response, NOT

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    How does some one not see that mailbox?


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      Ryan, its something that you and I and older generation have not caught onto, these new vehicles will only move forward if you are texting or talking on the cell, then that voids the need to look and think about were you are, your speed, it's more important to talk to the person on the cell that you are driving to meet than to talk in public, just finished a few weeks ago about an 18 year old that rear ended my 5 ton Army truck, her car went under the rear end only being stopped by the rear axel, I was a small on SUV I did not even know I was hit, loud explosion in the cab looked in the rear view mirror saw a fluid on the high way and though the differential had blew up, not till I got to the back of the truck to see the SUV was able to get her out with the motor between the seat and could not see anything in the rest of it, I asked her anyone else with you in there, her stupid A_ _ response (my Cell phone), I said I will restate the question is there another person in the car, again, (my cell phone), what have we come to, course she was in Mom's car and nothing out of pocket, she tells the state police that she was sleeping, live 6 miles from there, not job, witness said the estimated her speed about 80 (whish is common on that hwy.) if that would have been a back road with no one to witness, we would have one less text driven when I would have finished her off, I hate talkers and typist while driving.
      rear hit to 5 Ton Army Truck


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        " I hate talkers and typist while driving."

        Right on, Joe!


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          You’re right, Joe. I can’t even begin to tell you how many wrecks I’ve been on that was caused, at least in part, by someone distracted by their **** phone. A few of them fatal and I’ve testified in two court cases that the survivor who caused the fatal crash kept asking for their cell phone, before, during and after we cut them out of their twisted metal car. Sad days.

          Love the 5 ton though!


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            Ryan, these younger people have a much shorter attention than us, "they"use the insult word", (Old School) then I reply right no school) they will call of text the person right in front of them going to the same place that will be setting next to each other and if ever Google shuts down they will be lost and no way to recover, when we are in a business and the employee is talking or texting on there phone I will walk up to them and tell them they are a thief, stealing time form there employer, get a blank stare, they look like a cow looking at a new gate.
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              You’re right about that, Joe.


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                Originally posted by Tinker Joe 2 View Post
                ...they look like a cow looking at a new gate.
                Joe, that is just a BEAUTIFUL statement! Captures it perfectly!


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                  Nice work - shame that you need to make repairs often.

                  Too bad you can't protect it using reactive armor.

                  Miller Dynasty 350, Dynasty 210 DX, Hypertherm 1000, Thermal Arc GTSW400, Airco Heliwelder II, oxy-fuel setup, metal cutting bandsaw, air compressor, drill press, large first aid kit, etc.

                  Call me the "Clouseau" of welding !


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                    Nice mailbox. My son got rear ended last Sept. He is having back surgery next month and shoulder surgery a month later. He was third in line at a red light. two out of the three cars that were stopped got totaled. The driver said WTF the light was green and no I wasn't on my phone. A dozen witnesses said B.S. it was red. Cops said from the damage he was doing about 45 at impact. Cell phones and driving just shouldn't go together.