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  • You told me so!

    OK you guys were right. I went to Canadian Tire (curiosity) and you guys were completely right. I was looking for a cheap welding hemet. (I did read the thread you guys posted about them to me) But I was just wondering how much they were and I hated them as soon as I saw them. Theres very little room for seeing. So Here on Prince Edward Island theres very few places you can pick up that kind of stuff so I'm lost on where to find them. If any of you guys live on PEI or close to it Can you give me some Locations to look or even places across Canada where I can find them.
    Thanks for reading I hope my post helped


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    If nothing else, dig around on the internet using a search for 'welding supplies', and mail order one you'd like.

    The welding supply company we use at work also has a internet sight--- as most of them do, and they list about 50 different helmets to choose from.
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      Have you thought of buying your stuff though KBC tools, or Princess Auto, via catalog or the Internet? There are many other places you find the stuff online in Canada.

      Every now and then when I need something sent to me at my other home, I have a dealer ship it to me. I met the dealer face to face about 8 years ago and we have done business over the phone and the Internet ever since. It is TriCounty welding supply.

      I do the same thing here in the states, except on weird items, then I go and look at what somebody has in the store and then order it through that store or a catalog.

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        check out


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          my only problem is I cant order things online because I dont have a credit card and im not sure how sending money away works.
          Thanks for reading I hope my post helped