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council building iron loft made at home

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    Originally posted by pietromarruggio View Post
    hello I should make a loft 2 meters high 2.50 meters long 2, 30 meters some advice, as you would do with a little money thanks
    All the discussion was sucking my will to follow but the recent picture of the working space, should have posted that before. That's an added " Wow, that's interesting" .

    lateral push demolishes the brick wall.
    I say when it doubt rule it out or forget about it, add legs and bracing as Franz mentioned. Anchor into the floor, couple in the wall for good measure and call it a day. Wood or steel. Screws and nail, bolts and welding, just don't forget to brace or gussets.

    Not being an engineer, my thinking is, it's collapse from weight compressing isn't a concern, but collapse from deflection whether in the strength of the material not up to the weight and deflecting, or weight on the material and a force being applied causing it to move by deflection.

    My thoughts are if the wall it going to be used, bolt through it not into it.


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      Watched a very similar in a building full of steel shelving. The erector of the shelving left the back sheets off because they weren't needed and would require extra work to install.
      A few years downline no plumbbob was needed to see the skew.
      I suggested pulling the shelves back in line employing a coffin hoist to the roof bar joist.

      The owner chose to employ clothesline to hold what existed, after all, jacking the shelves back straight might take them overcenter and collapse them.
      I'm pretty sure he had no idea of the strength of clothesline, and I know he didn't know how to tie knots. Might explain why he wore loafers.
      He arrived one morning to find several rows of shelving leaning into a concrete block wall and called to ask if I could jack them back straight.
      Sure, get all the inventory off and call me when you've accomplished that.

      Box stores with 30 feet of inventory stacked high worry me. Pallet racking has no capacity to retain the laterals when stressed from either end. Racking is designed to go together fast with unskilled help. Fortunately it can be cut apart and welded into nice structurals for home projects.
      Triangles and braces are more mportant to a structure than mass is.


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        thanks precious intervention, I believe the interior wall can be used to support the beams, but at least two riser columns must be placed in front to unload the weight on the ground, I had thought of using a 100x50 x 3 mm thick metal box. I create a portal on which to place the beams. maybe if I can put some photos to make corrections changes. unfortunately the maneuvering space is minimal thanks for the right advice and suggestions.

        Click image for larger version

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          I think you'll be able to gain a lot of design knowledge by looking at Baker Scaffold.

          This product has been in use for over 60 years I have direct knowledge of and I have yet to see a section collapse.
          Baker puts strength in the vital corners and Baker doesn't collapse from corner failures.


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            thanks your precise suggestions I believe that the structure that I will have to build will have to support supporting a weight equivalent to 500 kg distributed by five square meters, you understand well I would not like it to collapse like a castle of playing cards, thank you

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              I'm basking and setting up the structure, if I'm wrong let me know thanks I will put photos of the work in progress in progress, thanks for the right advice and collaboration.