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More of a necessity than a project...

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  • More of a necessity than a project...

    Let me start by saying I brew beer and typically have 30 gallons on tap (6 taps). I have been working on emptying all my kegs so that I can build out a new kegerator.

    With all my kegs empty I had to resort to buying beer. Something I have not done, other than when going out to pub or restaurant, in a very long time.

    So, with a fresh bottle of beer in hand I head to the garage. I could not find a bottle opener!! I know that I could have used one of many techniques to access the nectar of the Gods trapped within the bottle. From a screw driver, the edge of the work bench, keys, to a seatbelt buckle.

    Instead i I looked at what scrap I had laying around and threw together a bottle opener. It’s not pretty, but it’s functional. The goal was to have it finished before my beer got too warm.

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    Can you make a good can opener? Those are near impossible to find.

    Post your address so Ryan and the guys can come over to help in case you have a fire or something.


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      I’ll be there for the beer.


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        This may look like an ordinary wedding ring but it is actually the fastest and most accessible bottle opener I have ever owned.


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          It's also the best reason to drink!