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RV cabover frame rebuild

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  • RV cabover frame rebuild

    Any of you guys that own an RV are well aware of the super high quality work these manufacturers turn out...insert sarcasm in copious amounts at your leisure....My Class C is 4 years old and has probably been leaking water into the cabover since it was built or shortly thereafter.

    The frame is an odd size aluminum rectangle. 1 3/8 x 1 inch, 1/16th wall. Closest I could get was 1.5x1 but chose .125 thou wall. The frame is aluminum, except the deck of the cabover, of course. It’s rotted out in four years. I’m going to rebuild it in aluminum so that’ll never be a problem again. I will have to laminate the siding, which is a product called Filon (pretty much fiber glass), on to some 2.7mm utility board. But all the wood I put back will be treated with a 2 part epoxy that will seal it up good and tight for life. It’s the same stuff I used on all the wood in my teardrop camper. So if it does ever leak again, I won’t have it falling apart on me. It’s good but expensive.

    I have to get this job wrapped up, but my supplier only had 2/3 of the aluminum I ordered. Supposed to have the rest Monday but I’m betting on Tuesday. Everyone is behind from this flood we had.

    My dilemma at the moment is what adhesive to use to glue the laminated siding to the aluminum (so wood to aluminum) I’ve had good luck with liquid nails in the past, it just takes a few days to set up. So if you guys have a suggestion, I’m open to a recommendation.

    To laminate the filon to the luan the manufacturer recommends contact cement, so that’s easy enough.

    I’ll try and do a better job on good pictures on this one. So far, the pictures suck.
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    If you had luck that thing would have burned to the frame and floated away in the flood.

    My sympathies are extended to the guy rebuilding it.

    Get more beer, a lot more beer!


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      You ain’t kiddin’.....


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        Is it too wet to catch fire from the "welding torch" all them TV reporters talk about whenever there is a fire on a job site?

        Department might have some heavy duty questions about that though.

        Claim I stopped by to help you, and I was using the torch while you were in the house looking for a part. I'll back you up.


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          I'd use a 2 part panel adhesives. Pick your bond time. Strong, weather proof and durable. Quick and fast. It does contain isocyanates keep that in mind. But you won't be watching glue dry when you could be working, that I think counts for the expense?


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            This is what happens when you use dead tree carcass instead of a proper material.

            I’ll have to look into that panel adhesive. Probably be good for laminating the filon and luan too, huh?


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              Got the deck pretty much done for now, minus any massaging I’ll need to do before it goes into it’s finally resting place. It’s pretty straight and square too, surprising for something with so many dadgum little parts.
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                The radius in these two corners didn’t take as long as I expected. Good practice in making sure you have a good fit up. Since all the welds need to be ground smooth so the deck and siding lay flat, and I generally like a little gap in a butt weld, but I only have three hands, so I fit the pieces tight and let the weld puddle sink in so I knew I got the best penetration I could get.


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                  For some reason the pictures aren’t posting.



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                    Trying again. Should be 4 pictures here.
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                      Fellow running the grinder for you does good work.

                      Structure looks solid too. Will it be able to flex sufficiently to accommodate the rest of the structure when it wobbles?

                      Are you installing safety chains so this section doesn't fly too far when you stop suddenly?

                      Possibly signs spelling out no humans in the cabover unless the vehicle is parked.


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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6706.JPG
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Size:	71.6 KB
ID:	602771 Forgot I took this picture for you. Looks like your ready for some kind of adhesive?


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                          Originally posted by Noel View Post
                          [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"medium","data-attachmentid":602771**[/ATTACH] Forgot I took this picture for you. Looks like your ready for some kind of adhesive?
                          You know, even with the picture, he's gonna have a memory malfunction and buy Polygrip for dentures, don't you?


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                            Lol. I see the similarities. That's some fancy marketing isn't it?


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                              I know at least 1 man who might try it on his uppers.

                              Maybe we should throw a can of Pliobond in Ryan's shopping cart too, just for fun.