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    I’m looking to make a tool box please give me some ideas

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    What kind of tool box? Truck tool box, upright fancy tool box, small old school style carry to work tool box....

    A few more specifics please, up to and including what you want to make it out of and whether or not you can weld, own a machine, maybe a metal brake....

    Help is out here, would ya?


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      A stand up on to sit in my room to hold tools for one now thank you


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        Well, take a look at some pictures of ones that are similar to what you want, decide what material you want to use and get to makin it.

        Start with a sketch and work out from there.


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          Ok thank you my question is how to keep the sliding compartment closed


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            Generally you buy drawer sliders, all that stuff is part of the mechanism.


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              Ok thank you I wasn’t sure if it was I’m going to welding school and might to try to do this as a project


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                Can’t imagine a lot of welding on a tool box outside of spot welds. They’re generally pretty thin sheet metal, but I suppose you could beef it up. Probably a lot more sheet metal brake work than welding though.

                Your first project should be a welding bench. You’ll need that for practice and, if you make it heavy duty, you’ll have it for a long time and do all sorts of work on it. For example, I just got done repairing a broken circular saw at my welding bench. It’s sturdy, flat and at a comfortable height.


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	tbox.png
Views:	467
Size:	231.2 KB
ID:	602279 I made 7 of these bad boys. 1 for me and 6 for my buddies...Bob Click image for larger version

Name:	toolbox.png
Views:	409
Size:	279.3 KB
ID:	602280
                  Bob Wright


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                    Do they come in any other colors, Bob?


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                      Excellent choice of color Bob.
                      Not even an idiot steals a box, tool, or cribbing block that color.

                      Did you put the winch inside? Okie pole sockets? Flag tree? High Veloscity fan and receiver tubes for vises and other items?

                      Bread racks make excellent starting frames since the drawer slides are already there and they have good wheels.