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Lazy is the mother of invention

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  • Lazy is the mother of invention

    So why push the wagon up hill into the shop when I can just add a receiver and plug an electric winch in? Toss a battery in the box and it beats the snott out f pushing, even though I do have to push a button.

    This receiver thing has a bit of merit to it.

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    How steep and long is the hill?


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      About a foot of rise in 6 feet


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        Worse then my drive way and I thought plenty about installing a few anchors to pull from.


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          Initial testing proved out really well.
          I learned the Group 36 battery I put in the wagon was headed to scrap soon. It did provide sufficient surge buffer for the charger along for the ride.
          WE also learned the person with the radio control pendant for the winch rally does need to watch how the cable is winding onto the drum regardless of the fairlead should provide a level wind. NOT screwing around with the pendent when no load is on the line might be good as well. This part we learned in the dark pulling the wagon into the shed for extra joy.
          WE even learned verbal blessings upon the knob that puts the winch drum into freewheel provide no positive result.

          All in all, the project was successful. IF I run onto another similar winch at the right price it may be permanently mounted on the front of the wagon to make 1 person operation easier.


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            I say if it makes life easier and actually works, you did good.
            Necessity it seems is the mother of invention.


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              On the scale of things it beats he!! out of a sharp stick in the eye, and as usual can stand a bit of refinement and improvement.