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Progress is our most important product

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  • Progress is our most important product

    OK I swiped that from General Electric but they ain't using it for over 30 years.

    Progress took a major leap forward when Tack came up with the idea to make the machine a wire feed rather than stick.

    Wire drive was pure he!! but it got built.

    Next step is welded 3/16 chain.

    Due to lack of fat wimmen to crank that may need to be PTO driven from a tractor.

    Takit is busy patenting the new chain machine and taking orders. This is definitely the next generation in recycling.

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    I would like to see a video of it working
    Bob Wright


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      I'm sure Takit will offer that as part of the marketing plan. Probably some CD deal you can buy for just under 10 bucks. Right now he's working on the Patent and I've moved on to other projects. Eventually I hope to get it to pump out ReBar.