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Finally Used My Old Pipes

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  • Finally Used My Old Pipes

    Replumbed the house last year and finally made my wood rack. After the fact I recalled something about welding galvanized metal. Didn't get sick or have a headache but did spit white lugies for a few days. Chased a few rust holes, made others bigger but my rack for grilling pecan wood is done. Anyone with a pecan tree or misquite trees likely has a few stacks sitting by the grill.

    Click image for larger version

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    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So your telling me Pecans grow on trees? I never new that? Mosquito's as well? What is it with trees? Guess thaat's why they are burning down the rain forest?
    Looks good. Points for creative use of materials. Judges however are docking point for no paint.


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      Noel chill with the Ryan frightening color coating material. We got bigger things to accomplish here.
      The man said mesquite trees. That wood is valuable and hard to come by as well as harder than my skull.
      First thing we gotta do is enlighten him on the use of Muriatic acid for galvanize removal and give him the PawPaw Wilson warning.
      Then we go to work on getting some mesquite for handles and flakes. It ain't easy to come by here and possibly not ever heard of in Canahodia.

      We gotta play this careful!


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        Love that pecan wood for cooking.

        Good use of otherwise almost worthless scrap metal.


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          Mesquite Trees, that was so bad even my spelling suggestions didn't know what I was talking about.


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            If you’re in west Texas, you can’t walk across the street without stumbling over mesquite wood.


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              I thought Mesquite was a bush not a tree. What ever it is I do like using it for BBQ.


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                Maybe more of a shrubbery...


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                  Ryan you can make a fortune by harvesting and bailing that wood and shipping it North to smokers.
                  Guy here is selling bags of Apple for 10 bucks a bag the size of a drywall bucket.

                  Manual pine needle bailer and some wire and you're in business.


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                    Maybe, but west Texas is almost as far of a drive for me as it is for you. It’s a big state.


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                      Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
                      Maybe more of a shrubbery...
                      Yeah, 15-20' tall max. If you let a hay field go unattended the Mesquite trees will take over. Fun times if your running a sickle.