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  • Creep

    Late one night I had my fill of the 3 wheeled creeper, so I decided to build one with 4 wheels.
    Had some IBM mainframe structure on the junque pile and some rod along with 4 swivel casters so I nailed this together. IBM coated thatHW square with something bad so it had to be ground off where welding was done or it would gag you. Couple pieces of plywood and a piano hinge gave me a nice tilt up head rest for better napping. Didn't have any fancy vinyl product so the covering for the full body cushion wound up being a hunk of shelter half material from inventory.

    Been working well over the years with annual caster oiling, and is pretty self extinguishing when a hot gob lands on it. I decided after 30 years it was time to upgrade the cover and maybe even rattle can the frame while I had it apart. Rode over to Bob's Custom Covers for a price since the wholesaler died, and politely requested a quote from the guy with Bob embroidered on his shirt. Tell you what, not one thing he quoted will make it past the autocensor here. Punk might be able to tuck and roll

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    I'm guessing you could buy a new creeper for the price to get Bob adding a new cover? Sounds like he tried to get you to hot rod it with the tuck and roll. Time to find a fabric shop and shot gun seat a drive with the little woman
    on that unheated seat
    so you don't look out of place. Last I looked you can find it pre stitched? Some contact cement, a few staples. Buy the good cement and the fumes will also make it appear to go better then you thought it would. Forget the last part, if it's going to good it's because you've planned it well.


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      I ain't escared of them fabric shops but they are all retail and I don't go that way after years of being tight with the wholesaler. Howard was tight with a uck so when he moved to his new basement location instead of hanging suspended ceiling the brothers painted the bottom of the bar joist and slid ceiling tiles between the flanges. I spent hours in Joanne Fabric, and quilting places. Little woman made a Cali King size Double Wedding Ring when her stupid boy got married, hours in the shops on that project, not to mention abandoning the living room so she could hand quilt it. I even got a custom embroidered label for the quilt from one of my gal pals who has 2 embroidery machines.
      Then I got tasked to create a scrapbook of the quilt being made.

      I was even ejected from the wedding by the bride's stepfather for suggesting he do her a favor by chaining her in the cellar till she got smart.
      Then there were strong suggestions I was responsible for announcements coming from the Church PA system; cops even came to my house to see where I was.
      Really annoyed the bride's family when the mother of the groom arrived in the 38 Rolls with driver appropriately dressed. They thought they were cool renting an old Buick for the wedding. Rolls trumps Buick any day.

      Nope, I ain't escared of no fabric shop, I'm too dumb to scare.


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        Originally posted by Franz© View Post
        Punk might be able to tuck and roll
        I can't drop and roll but i can tuck and roll..
        Bob Wright