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    I'm in the process of building another welding bench...........48"x 96"x .750" HR plate.....rolling on 5 or 6" casters. I'll be boring 5/8" holes in a pattern for clamping will also have slide out extensions on all 4 sides to allow for the table / bench to grow if needed....Picking the right caster wheel hardness is important based on weight and the surface it will be used on...........also on casters , static brakes & and the ability to lock the caster body out from turning when needed should also be considered.


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      This customer does not want it on casters. He wants to move it around with his fork lift. I’ll need to fasten plastic or rubber pads to the bottom of the feet.

      This table will be split in half at normal height the other much lower for whompin on dump truck hubs. I have to fabricate a fixture into the lower end for holding the hubs.


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        Might be to thick but loading dock bumpers came to mind for rubber feet.
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          Not a bad idea, maybe they come in different thicknesses. I’ll take a look at McMaster-Carr.


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	levelingfeet.jpg
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ID:	606229 Anytime I think of a forklift moving something I think part of that process is sliding the object along the ground on a hard surface ? I know cause I've driven many over the years........So rubber may not be the best lasting solution unless your forklift driver understands what's at stake?........might be that steel pads with the 4 sides kicked up to 30 degrees +/- may be a better option?

            I have also worked with Polyurethane bushings in suspension systems for bump stops that can take a lasting beating quite well and live far and beyond any rubber life in the same use and still have excellent memory.........but then again may also not like the potential lateral scuffing movement mentioned above. .

            Another option I've used on HD benches is these leveling well in conjunction with casters or when there is a need to level a bench or fixture after moving the pictures I use 1" Acme thread for the jacks and then attach the feet which are quite robust.


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              I bet most of you guys have had “that” customer at some point. I think this guy is mine. I’ve never fired a customer before. This is the third time he’s had me spec out this work table, we met on Friday to approve the drawing, shook hands on the deal and he backed out (again) yesterday evening. He’s done this on a few other jobs too. I even showed up for a job one morning and he “forgot” to tell me he had it done the day before. So I told him we can’t do business anymore. I hate to be like that, but I won’t starve without his business.

              Thank you guys for all the suggestions, I’ve filed them away for future use.


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                I fire a couple customers every year. I get enough business to not deal with them.