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    Upon further consideration, and consultation with my bud Phil, and observing weekend custodial parents of 2 commonly accepted genders attempting to get little issue to interact with playground equipment to the extent of prying handheld devices from small hands and offering the device back only in exchange for interacting with the playground equipment, I have concluded building a backyard playground to be a BAD investment.

    Grandparent interaction with rugrats at the aforementioned playground appears to indicate Grandparents have fallen down on the job of employing the grandkid as a punishment system to get even with the kid they raised to cause them aggravation as prior generations have done. (Additional observation- there are some good looking Grannys out there but none were in a good mood due to the monsters dumped on them for the weekend)

    To doublecheck, I employed Google Earth pictures and Assessor pictures to determine the average count of houses in subdivisions where maximum rugrat density exists. That led me to the reality the current crop of rugrats are either not allowed in the yard from some TV/Inturdnet induced parent fear or the conversion of kids to device interface units. Less than 1 backyard playground per 100 houses exists..

    I now fully conclude Phil is right.
    Unless the kid is among the tiny minority of kids who want to work with Gramps building any play device the only thing accomplished by building play equipment will be annoyance and frustration.

    Phil may also be right on his rope bridge idea, and could very well be right with his idea the best investment in a small child is a unicycle for 40 bucks on ebay. The buyer even gets to assemble the unicycle, hopefully with rugrat participation. Assembly is about 15 minutes without rugrat and not determinable with rugrat. The unicycle is also transportable to the rugrat's quarters so he/she can practice.

    This writing fulfilled my obligation to confirm Phil is right from time to time. I can recall Phil being right several times over 30+ years I have known him.

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    Having recently spent some time driving around in different neighborhood communities, I've come to the conclusion play grounds and play ground equipment are built for a certain age group. The group that has young kids and pays taxes.

    Seemingly as you mention, play grounds in public spaces, these are to please the parents to gather the young and growing segment of population in groups to learn social skills and group bonding, a safe place to watch them from a distance affording a parental break and share with other parents in the differences that make them special.

    I was a bad parent. I didn't make the effort often taking mine to the neighborhood park.
    Back then, the neighborhood park, it was pretty run down, the sand was packed, and past pushing the swing, tipping the teeter totter, and going down the slide, it got old pretty fast in terms of amusement value or challenge.

    The new one is only mildly better, but it is colorful.

    Without thought to them growing from ankle biters to those that say no, I'm bored, most play centers quickly lose attraction and sit empty because the demographics of the community changes over time and with age, and they simply loose amusement value. But they are a place for older kids to hang out.


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      Rugrat rotator that's easy to build in a couple hours.

      Cheap too and you probably have most of the junque to build it in inventory


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        Couple hours? More like a couple of days. You sure we couldn't just buy one instead? Lol. Guess that defeats the purpose. And actually I have a pair of hubs, not just one, so I'd have to build two and that's why I'm opposed to doing it.


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          Again with the Wrong Theeenkin Noel.

          You got one hub for the rotating crane you need to build to save what's left of your back.

          Fortunately that leaves you with a second hub to make the kid spinner with the help of the little darlings.

          Shoot you ain't thinkin well. You been inhaling paint fumes?


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            I actually had a purpose in mind for those hubs... and it had nothing to do with kids having fun.

            Seems lots of ideas roll between these ears but I'm poor on follow up unless the need is strong. Seems with this idea it wasn't. While that idea went out the window long ago, they presently rest under the desk waiting for a new purpose. No promises I'll find one any time soon, especially in a merry go round, but I'm not ready to toss them.

            I'm not big on inhaling most toxic fumes, paint or other wise. I do, but I'm selective. I do however wear a respirator when spraying paint.
            It is a darn shame that adding color to something has to be so toxic.

            I'm going out on a limb for excuse when I say I have lots on my mind and sometimes it's hard to keep it organized. That's why I take pictures, lots of notes, and appreciate good advice such as your. It helps.
            Thanks Franz.


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              Let you in on a little secret Noel just don't let it get around.
              90% of success in the world of iron is having a good alternate story in your head instantly available for those moments when somebody comes along and questions why something is sitting where it is. You ain't got a story they want the item moved and will undoubtedly go apecrap proving they have the authority to make you comply with their wish.

              It don't come natural to men who can bend metal to their will to be spewing such stories, and unless the job is T&M the shop can loose $$$ on these Move It deals, so in 2000 we brought in Walter a semi retired Ambulance Driver. Walter became our official translator who interfaced between mechanics and customers. He was able to work through the lack of a common language between both groups, by translating Thingy to Bell Crank and such and both parties walked away happy.

              Were I sitting in your recliner my story for those assemblys would be as soon as the 4th one gets back we'll get it running. This allows the questioner to look strange and announce there are only 2. That's when you splain there were 3, but you needed 4, and rather than spend time searching for a 4th you sent #3 to a distributor to find a perfect mate so the project can move ahead. The story contains sufficient complexity to be true, the dullard can fully identify with your frustration waiting for part #4, and will spend days passing your story along. The system works well, and nobody messes with your hubs.

              The matter of toxic is an equine of an entirely different hue!


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                Yup, right where I left them.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6318.JPG
Views:	246
Size:	96.9 KB
ID:	601360 I moved a bit of stuff out of the way to confirm it, only to discover some free space? Not that I want to bend that low, but dragging one out proved I still can.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6320.JPG
Views:	235
Size:	100.5 KB
ID:	601361The project was to be a temporary rear axle, welding the housings to pipe or tube and maybe repurposed after it wasn't needed. Turns out it wasn't as I just did a plan B with a spare diff to get something in the car and get it rolling.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5577.JPG
Views:	234
Size:	89.9 KB
ID:	601363And it sort of has. I just need to get the front rolling.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6321.JPG
Views:	230
Size:	105.1 KB
ID:	601362 Seemed like a good idea at the time... Well that time has passed. I put it back next to it's brother, piled the stuff back in front and I'm going to try and forget about it.
                I suggest you do the same.
                Besides, I don't have wheels and tires to fit as those were given to a buddy to transport a jeep project on and off a trailor. Not that they fit the Jeep, just that they were metric Caddie wheels I couldn't use, wasn't going to be using, I'd have had to pay to remove the tires to sell the rims as scrap so I sold buddy on the idea they could be carved easily to fit the studs, and the tires held air. A win win. Off to the body shop.

                The story contains sufficient complexity to be true". And I added pictures incase it wasn't.


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                  This could be fun for kids, after all the fun building & testing.


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                    Modern day gladiators in a modern day chariot race. Is that a new sport?
                    I didn't see a single helmet on anyone's head, what's up with that? Where's a grown up when you need one to spoil the fun? From my angle I wouldn't worry about losing an eye as much breaking a neck or cracking a skull. To be fearless once again, wouldn't that be nice?


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                      Trust me when I tell you there is an age you reach when you remember those wonderful fun times of running, jumping and all that other fun stuff in vivid living colo(u)r without the assistance of Kodak or digital devices.

                      You also learn Chiropractors are wonderful people.


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                        Originally posted by Franz© View Post
                        Trust me when I tell you there is an age you reach when you remember those wonderful fun times of running, jumping and all that other fun stuff in vivid living colo(u)r without the assistance of Kodak or digital devices.

                        You also learn Chiropractors are wonderful people.
                        You don't have to tell me because I'm already remembering those fun times. I get reminders as well from my son. He's 36, the youngest, and still has the I'm a kid in him. The other day he was doing something in the bush, bent over to pick something up that he dropped and a dry twig of a branch got him.
                        He said and I quote. "Dad, I almost lost an eye?".
                        The question mark went with the dumb look that said, it actually could have happened very easily. So as I looked upon his face and the scratch from beside his eye to his temple I thought to myself, that's got to hurt.

                        I don't see a bone cruncher, but the massage therapy school for affordable student massage, they are on speed dial.


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                          I'm scared of massage therapists.
                          Little woman caught e talking to a real cute massage therapist at a festival some years back ad its cost me a $100 gift certificate to the massage place every Christmas since. She seems to like it.