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    Stuck this together in front of my bud's mower shop.
    Town has rules about signs and they want Permits & hearings and crap like that.
    There are NO Rules about Works of Art. I never met Art, got no idea what his last name is, but it sure attracted a lot of Spandex clad people on 2 wheelers without engines. They even took their picture standing next to it.

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    That is excellent!! And the city fathers really can't say a word.


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      Hands down, that's a winner. I like it! Your a regular Abby Hoffman, Johnny Cash, John Wayne, Rambo. My hat's off to you sir. I like it twice! And I don't care one bit how it cuts grass. Cause that doesn't matter. Sell it as a kit, a little infomercial, 3 easy payments, they'll sell like hot cakes.


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        I’d like to see it work. Does it work?


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          Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
          I’d like to see it work. Does it work?
          Kinda sorta when it first went up, as long as it was going in a straight line. Turns were ragged with real uneven cut height. We held an executive meeting and cut the chain off and locked the pedals and blade so a spandex clad idiot didn't hurt themself playing with the artistic expression. Best day was when the Town Supervisor brought his mower in for service. He knew exactly what was going on and he loved it unofficially.
          Lasted 4 years, seat got kind of ratty (Attn Bob's seat covers) and ClarkBar swiping Ryan's associates pulled it post and all to replace the nearby hydrant. They were real nice about it, but weren't allowed to replant it.

          It's a lot lighter than some of Art's previous works. Art will NOT be repressed.


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            THATS AWESOME. Doesn't turn well? Build another, put the mower in the rear. You should get good turning and you won't get cut grass thrown up in your face. Best of all the spandex clad idiot can get a good workout, not hurt himself, and mow all the lawns in town. Yours first of course.


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              That prob was a $60 bike to start with
              Bob Wright


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                Wasn't worth 67¢ when I pulled iut of a pile headed to scrap. Mower end took a while to come by in my budget.

                Rear mower might be a while off. Bud closed his shop and I got the AlGormayic back. It's going to volunteer for testing of Uncle Franz Rust Abating oil treatment.

                Next on the assembly line will be the AlGormatic snow blower, soon as I can get hands on one of them little electric shovel things.