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Econotig vs. Sychrowave

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  • Econotig vs. Sychrowave

    I'm a hobbyist taking a class at our local tech school and have become totally obsessed with TIG welding. I simply must have a machine for the house. I've considered the Lincoln PT225 then focused on the Miller Sychrowave 200 and last nite really began considering the Econotig. I mainly mess around and restore old motorcycles just for my own use so I have the need to do light steel and aluminum work. Thru one supplier I've talked with I can get an Econotig rig for about half the cost of the SW200. Don't think for a minute that I wouldn't love the SW200 but I have to keep things in perspective. So, any opinions? The Econotig has lower duty cycles, less power and can't drop the amps as low as the SW200. Also, no pulser and no pre-flow. Will I hate the thing or want to get rid of it in 6 months? I figure that if I spend this kinda $$ on a welder I want to have it for years. My dad has a Lincoln AC225 tombstone that's almost 40 years old and he's never wanted anything more. That's the kind of machine I want to buy, one that I'll have no regrets with. What do you guys and girls think? thanks!
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    I was running into the same problem when I was looking for a Tig welder. The sycrowave 200 was fairly new on the market then and my Miller rep was giving great discounts on the 180's. I took a chance and went into the welder repair section of the store and talked to one of the older service guys. I asked him the same questions you are asking. He told me to go with the new 200 instead of the 180. His reasons were some of the same your post mentioned and he added the 180 is just a hobbie welder and he has seen people push them to hard on thicker material and noticed some of the welders that are coming in for repairs have their electronics damaged.

    This service guy might have been giving me the company line, but he appeared to be one of the guys who knew his stuff and also offered me a chance to weld with both machines if I wanted. I went with the 200 and have not looked back. I believe the 200 is more of a middle range tig welder and offers more options than the 180. Who knows what you will be working on in the future..just my thoughts Gear
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      You won't like the Econotig in the long run. If you can find a used one at a good price, buy it, learn with it, & then sell it for what you gave for it & buy a real TIG.
      If you're buying new, go with the Syncrowave 200 over the Econotig.
      I've seen a few good deals lately on E-Bay for some Syncrowave 250's. If you have any interest in used, that could be a good way to go.
      I bought a SD180 about a year before the 200's came out, & if I could afford it, I'd jump on one of the 250's, but for now I'll stay with my 180.
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        Definately the Syncrowave 200 pkg. with the running gear should cost about $1853 more or less where your at. - or purchase over the internet from a vendor that offers free shipping and no tax for out-of-state buys will surely save you money if you hadn't thought about that. If you hadn't tried pulse yet you'll want it when you do. Latest and Greatest. Also, the 200 has two 115 volt auxiliary power outlets in the front panel -- awesome! Go to your local vendor and ask them to demostrate it for you and give it try yourself. That should convince you. If you have a select few that your considering always go with the best.



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          Econo VS Synch 200

          I too will put in a vote for a 180 or 200 over the econotig. Especially if you plan on welding aluminum. You can still get a good deal on a 180sd there are still a few new ones around that you can get a pretty good deal on. now that the 200 is out most people want the new model.
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