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Ornamental fence project

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  • Ornamental fence project

    I need to replace a termite infested fence around my pool pump station with a new fence, I decided to do a custom built job that challenges my welding and metal working skills (and will be termite proof). The pump enclosure is only 6' X 4' X 6' and I don't even want to try to convince my wife that I need to buy $1,000 worth the scroll & metal twisting equipment. (I want to spend the dollars on a plasma cutter :-))

    I drew up some rough plans for a scroll and twister project to get started with. Most of the parts are 1 1/2 X 1 1/2 X 1/8 angle iron, with the uprights being 1 1/2 pipe.

    Any sage advise would be appreciated, I'm arc'n and spark'n with a Millermatic 135 and a Dynasty 200dx.

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    I made a couple of scrolling fixtures and will post pics soon. Not sure if I can upload or not. Possibly too large.
    I also have a picket twister made from a tractor trailer jack. It has a 4:1 and a 8:1 gear reducution and works great for twisting up to 5/8ths hot rolled steel.
    I highly reccomend you use hot rolled steel for twisting as cold rolled will need to be heated before twisting. (Lesson learned after having to heat and twist 300 plus pickets.)


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      I have made a picket twister and a motor powered scroller. If anyone want to see them in action the pics are in yahoo groups...Bob
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      Latest news coverage, email, free stock quotes, live scores and video are just the beginning. Discover more every day at Yahoo!
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      Bob Wright


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        Here is the scroller I made forusing 1/2"x1/8th" flat stock. It makes approximatly 3.5" tall scrolls.
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          Nice sponge Bob...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            Sponge Bob is going to become a weather vane.


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              Bender, twister, scroll work

              Hey, Steve. Plans and pics lok good. If you don't want to make these items or just don't have the time Harbor Freight has some nice items that would fit your bill. Just go to and go to "Find Item Number:" and type in the following item numbers:
              compact bender #- 31980
              compact bench bender #- 44094
              Scroll attachment #- 36621
              Multipurpose metalcraft tool set #- 36131

              Yeah, I know it just doesn't have the same satisfaction of building it your self but they are very versitale. I have the compact bender and scroll attachment and they work wonders. I used them to make the wrought lamps I posted about in the "Looking for new projects" thread. Which ever route you go good luck.


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                Keep it simple bar twister

                Use 1/2 in square bar for uprights, In order to keep the bar straight -find a piece of tubing or pipe that the bar will just barely fit through. Use two of the biggest Crestent wrenchex you can find and give the square bar about one full twist, whhile in the tubing or pipe.

                If you don't have big wrenches the find two of metal to make the wrenches and cut 1/2 inch square hole (in the middle to keep the force even). Insert the square bar in one of the wrenches, heat evenly to blue, then stick the tubing over the hot bar, put the other wrench on and twist.


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                  You can also have fun with round bar also.