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  • Trailer Square but not

    I bought this Trailer for $200, i cut the dove tail off and the trailer ended up having a 12 foot deck, i added 7 feet of channel, to end up with a 19 foot deck and a 23foot overall trailer, this trailer is a Deckover trailer with 2 axles..

    My problem is from corner to corner between cross members its anywhere from 1" to 1" 3/4 out of square. on all the pre-existing material. the trailer is obviously homemade

    but when you measure from the center of the tongue to every corner its at most 1/4 off/out of square,

    the whole thing should be square right not just square with the tongue...

    what is going on here? should i not worry about it???

    i have the extension only tacked up right now, should i just square it with the tongue of the trailer? it will be hard to square the back half with the front being soo........fkedup

    do i just get the tongue as square with the axles as possible, as i am going to have to move them since i extended the trailer deck.......
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    Need more information.
    Are deck & wheels a unit, or is there deck, frame wheels from top down?
    Forget, ignore, forgetbout the hitch assembly for time being.

    Find center front to back of the deck and snap a line then find center of length and snap a line. Do the 3/4/5 thing and see if anything about the deck is square.

    If deck, frame, wheels how are deck and frame secured to each other?


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      Any pictures? The important thing is that the axle is square to the tongue I would say

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        Square the axles to the tongue and you should be good to go. You want a straight pulling trailer when on the highway.
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