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tear drop camper project

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    Looking good, but I gotta ask, are there side flys for the kitchen area? Maybe a complete surround for nasty days.
    Where are the EXTINGUISHERS & crash ax?
    Are you going to install a skull/cabinet interface impact diminisher on that cabinet?

    Those doors look like about the same as on fire truck cabinets.

    Love DasBoot. Do you have a coupler access denial box too?

    I can hook you up with nice LED emitters size of a postage stamp about 3/16 thick that draw next to nothing on 12 volts and throw tons of light and cost under a buck per emitter.. LED gets better by the day.


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      LEDs are nice. All the lights in this trailer are LED. Some are COB, and some have LED replacement bulbs. I need to change over the lights in my class C to LED.

      With the teardrops, you can go crazy adding this and that, but honestly, it’s just a rigid tent you pull behind your Jeep. They’re intent was to be minimalist. There are some that have vestibules around the galley or the sides, and they’re cool, but you can’t have everything. It would be my assumption that a guy that builds a teardrop doesn’t build it to stay in/around it for his whole camping trip, but merely uses it as a camp and a place to sleep in comfort.

      I really like that boot, it has three separate locks on it. I have a small hitch lock as well, but those are only part of it. I also lock the safety chains to the back of the spare tire rack so someone can’t snatch it by the chains and be gone in seconds. And here at the house, I have three other small trailers....they’re all chained together.

      My hitch lock is one I bought at the hardware store. I didn’t have a piece of pipe big enough to build one that slips over the pointy end, so I did the fastest thing I could.

      These days, most (at least ours are) fire truck cabinet doors are roll up style. Keeps the new drivers from impaling them into the side of the bay door.

      What’s these LEDs you speak of? Are they in a housing or ruggedized or what?


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        Thesuns (Texican word) what I been playing with.

        You could easily run 10 of them 12 hours on 3 LI cells and have power left.
        The cob emitter is coated with a soft clear plastic that pretty much renders the emitter rainproof.

        I been playing with the 120 volt units replacing Quartz lights in portables, nore light for less watts and less heat thrown off too.


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          Look handy and cheap enough to have a few boxed up on the shelf. I’ll cheap em out. Thanks.