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Hypertherm powermax 45 for sale

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  • Hypertherm powermax 45 for sale

    If this isn't allowed please excuse me and delete it, but I'm in a bind at the moment and need to sell some thing to fix my truck.

    ive got a hypertherm powermax 45 with around 5 hours tops on it. (Maybe 2.5-3 hours arc time) Hence why it's for sale, it just never got the amount of use i imagined and it could use a home so i can buy a transfer case for my truck. Im in ripley west virginia and although I'd prefer local sale so that we can see that the machine works just fine so there's no issues. I will also drive to meet halfway or ship if need be. I can post video of it working or what ever you'd like to see. Hate to see it go but im in a bind. Im asking 1000 dollars, which is fair and for a machine with as few hours as this it will be a great addition to some ones shop.

    i still have all the papers, CD, and everything it came with as well as a few consumables.

    you can text or call me at 304-761-4916 name is Glenn.

    moderators, I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, but i recall seeing FS ads in the past, just no classified section.

    my pics are too large to upload but i can get fresh ones when I'm back at the shop this evening.

    thank you
    Dynasty 200DX
    Hobart Handler 135
    Smith MB55A-510 O/A setup
    Hypertherm Powermax 45
    Just about every other hand tool you can imagine