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south bend 13" and reaming tapered holes

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    You think this shaft is something other than mild steel? I haven't put a grinder on it, but it appears to be fairly soft.


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      Judging by the mushrooming I'd tend to agree with you that it isn't extremely high in the carbon department, or that the end wasn't overly tempered into a range of hardness if it has the elevation of carbon content to allow for such tempering?


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        I'd try a restorer on the threads before going nuts reworking it.
        If it was hard it would have chipped when the caveman went sledgomatic on it.

        Is the nut some kind of bearing preload setup?

        How far does the thread stick beyond 1 nut when the pulley is mounted?

        How long till you plan to rebuild it again?


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          The shaft is inserted from the drive wheel end, so the jam nuts just keep it from walking out.

          It's a 3/4 fine thread, so two jam nuts should fit fine on what's left. If not, I'll use something else. Shouldn't be terribly hard to deal with.

          My plan for chasing the thread out is a similar process to what Don just posted up.


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            All better....

            Friend of mine has a tool holder for split nut threading dies. Turned it down just a skosh, the threading tool fit just barely behind the boogered up thread, lined it up on the old threads and chased it out, tightened the die, chased it again, third time was a charm, then I chased it with a re-thread die. Bob's your uncle.
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