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    Originally posted by Meltedmetal View Post

    Your assumption is correct, I was looking for the thickness of the tube. We (here) often speak in terms of weight/foot though of a given dimension and we always expect the weld to be good. If the weld fails it is not the fault of the tube is it?


    Nope, not the fault of the tube. I guess where I was going with this was the thought to how much weight you could load that weld with before it breaks, rips the material away, or the tube bends? I'm just thinking, most tend to over build with material not accounting for the strength of it or the weld.

    So if you had a 1/8" fillet, or 4 inches of one, that's got to hold something? Say a 1/8" wall thickness. 1"x1" HSS, two feet long, how much weight do you think you can rest on or dangle from that? I'd say a fair bit?

    Not saying I don't, just saying I try not to. I do tend to use what's available, and while the rack is a mess, it beats the floor. And while the color isn't as vibrant, it's painted.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5731.JPG
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ID:	597773Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5728.JPG
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Name:	IMG_5730.JPG
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ID:	597775 Large tube and pipe went on the bottom. Angle, small sq. tube and pipe in the middle Flats, rounds, squares on top. Now it's just a mess as I'm using up what I have and calling it quits on that kind of fabrication and focusing on car projects. And I went the bolt together route...


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      Guilty as charged Noel. I do tend to over build stuff when I can afford to because events seem to often occur in my world that exceed the original design parameters. Occasionally, over built is not enough.

      Car projects can be fun if that's your thing, it just doesn't happen to be mine but I can appreciate the artistry of the restorers and builders. Cars are mostly just another tool for me though, to get me where I need to be. I can't imagine myself putting 100's of hours into a car I wouldn't ever consider driving...just not me.

      Oh, and I could use a steel rack because I've been walking on my steel at this location for far too long.



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        Well I'm the rule rather then the exception myself so I understand. Support stands are my metal fetish. Height adjustability, attachment interchangeability and usefullness of purpose.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5561.JPG
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Name:	IMG_1083.JPG
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ID:	597780 The metal saw horses holding up the Coupe used up the last bit of tubing I had in the rack and I haven't replaced it since going "lean" in retirement on purchasing new materials. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5577.JPG
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ID:	597781 I did discover however that if you lift a car, always remove the tires for safe keeping. No sense making it easier for some one to steal them. They say things happen for a reason...I discovered the reason could be as simple as someone took the work out of doing something?


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          OK............Thanks for the rack Ideas......and I have racks here also but tend to build mine to stack or store vertically as it takes a little less space for me if you can deal with 8 -10 ft's another little storage trick for once you cut the long pieces into something shorter........and have drops laying around.....especially round stock for the lathe........this works great as you can see about 90 % of what you both size and length.

          Truck exhaust tubing.......5-6"


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            I have something similar... but truth be told it's a wood crate with short crops filled with smaller crops. Yours is definitely more thought out and practical in purpose. I also have a few other hiding spots, one a full width and length shelf with dividers 4" in depth under my work table top, another is a stand of short 2" exhaust on the back of another table to hold small round rods and stuff like pry bars and things. Quite honestly, my need to collect crops is along with the mentality that it can one day come in handy. It has, but it comes at a price.


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              Originally posted by Ltbadd View Post
              Looks good, I'd like to stop by and shop from that supply of tubing
              Sure no problem come on by we have great prices on our in stock items.


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                Originally posted by Meltedmetal View Post
                That one also looks good. What weight of tube and how long are the arms roughly?

                The uprights are 3/16 thick and the arms are 1/8" wall and 22" long. That leaves me just enough room to get between the material rack ant the rooler for the cold saw.


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                  Also cut the arms at a 3 degree angle so material tends toward the back.


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                    Got my second material rack back from the powdercoater. Got it in place and added some clamp racks to the roller for the cold saw. Painteded it up all nice. Looks like a brand new shop.


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                      That's purdy
                      West coast of Florida


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                        That's a fine lookin setup.


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                          Thank you, it works well. Bought the rollers from McMaster made the frames they're in forever ago.


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                            McMaster-Carr is my best friend lately. For anyone that uses their iPhone for everything, McMaster-Carr has the absolute best phone app. Super easy to search stuff and (my favorite) when you add an item to your cart, it stays until the end of time or you authorize the payment. Makes it easy to add stuff to your list for a couple of days and only pay shipping once. And, if you're a big dummy like me, and you accidentally make double orders, tap the contact customer service button and a super nice lady will answer the phone on the second ring and square you away in about 15 seconds. And she sounds hot. So that's a bonus.


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                              I used to call MCM so much I had them on speed dial (remember speed dial). I got a different person on the phone almost every time. So I asked how many people they had answering phones the lady told they had 120 operators. That was in 1998. I work about an hour from their warehouse, if I order before 10:00 I get it around 3:30 same day, awesome!