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    Wanted to know if anyone had plans for ATV chisel plow or any type plow for ATV's. Please send plans for any type of ATV attachment for plowing up dirt

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    Just look thru a Northern Tool Catalog and let your building brain run wild. Lots of examples there. I have this old Sears single bottom plow adorning my flower bed. My old JD 8 hp pulled it...Bob Click image for larger version

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    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      I think even a single plow takes a lot of torque to move. A tractor has the weight, large wheels, slow speed and torque to pull a plow. My guess is you'll just end up spinning your tires. Its like trying to pull an anchor through the dirt... How big of an area are you looking to plow? Maybe look for a farmer nearbry that would come do it if its a large area. For a smaller area just look for a little rototiller. I found one for free that had the engine all pulled apart. For $150 I put a honda clone engine on it and it works great... For what it is. I now have a 5' pto tiller for my sub compact tractor and there is absolutely no comparison lol. The little tiller still gets used for between rows and areas the tractor wouldn't be able to get to without running over a bunch of stuff

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