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  • Steel rack

    Built a rack for a customer. It's going inside a 20 foot container. Rack is 84" tall, 60" wide and 130.5" long. This was built to fit 12' bar stock. I made it in two sections so it easier to handle. The sections will bolt together with a few pcs. of flat bar. It's made from 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 3/16 angle with 1/4 x 1-1/2 flat on the sides tieing the panels together.
    Click image for larger version

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    Looks good, hope you don't have to paint it!


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      Climb inside of it wearing a straight jacket, then throw it overboard, or set it front of a speeding locomotive, and see if you can escape in time....I'd rather do that then paint it.


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        Sharknado time
        Ed Conley
        Passport Plus w/Spool Gun
        Miller 125c Plasma 120v
        O/A set
        SO 2020 Bender
        You can call me Bacchus


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          Still sounds better than painting.


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            I love it

            Miller Dynasty 700...OH YEA BABY!!
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              Nice rack!


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                I'm always thinking of ways to make a buck and when you posted the racks my first thought was that job must have sucked. Then my brain kicked in and well, a buck is a buck right?

                My math skills called out a need for around 769.5 feet of angle, 40 feet of flat bar, and if I had to throw a number of hours down to paper, 54 hours being greedy, 40 hours on the hungry, 48 hours being fair for the work involved and the effort to pull it together. Not accounting for waste, material length on purchase...a couple extra sticks of angle and a length of flat bar I should be pretty close?

                Question is, did I come close?

                I'm assuming your angle is coming in a 24', your doing the material prep for trimming, and your working hard, not hardly working to make a buck?

                16 hours prep includes paper to product delivery, cut, deburr and prepare.
                16 hrs a unit x 2 = 32hours

                Hence 48 hours.

                I'm also thinking two guys who work well together could buck them out in a couple of days if they knew what they were doing and worked well together? And 8 for material prep and paper, 40 hours?

                What's left is 54 hours... the extra for doing. Providing service, solving the problem, taking on the work. That's the price for doing a job that if the time isn't taken, effort isn't shown, it looks like crap. It has to look square.
                If I had to do those for a living all day, I'd go nuts. Call it a surcharge?

                So...did you make off like a bandit?