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Snow plow for garden tractor or mower

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  • Snow plow for garden tractor or mower

    I bought a 15 year old Cub Cadet riding mower. I thought I had found a new snow plow for it but it turned out to not be in stock. I cant find even an old one and plans seem to be as scarce. does anyone have plans for a snow plow?

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    I would get on craigslist and scour that.
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      I tried to put one on my John deere riding mower. It was absolutly useless. It would just spin the tires even with chains on. I didnt care much for the chains digging into my asphalt driveway and it felt like something was going to break in the drive train. I would say dont waste your money. If you have an atv thats probably a much better option. I ended up buying a real tractor with front end loader lol.


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        I could be off base on this reply, but as a guy with a plow blade of quad design which never made it on my quad, and owning a 22hp Craftsman lawn tractor that required a small engine repair yet never cuts grass, I recall an attachment that went on the back to attach weights for increasing traction? It take a lot as the plow blade makes things very nose heavy. This comes from years back assisting a buddy who bought a similar Craftsman to push snow, who added a factory blade and discover as much the need for heavy weight being required on the rear for traction.

        As far as plans go, Miller has a project section that a guy can peruse for ideas. Some include construction details. Lincoln had a 3 series set of Project books back in the day. Tractor forums. A quick google search yielded some interesting results for ideas? Don't think you can't be creative.


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          Try I had one of their snow kits blade on a JD L118 back about 10 years ago had weights and chains and it was an easy bolt on installation, worked really well and plowed plenty of the New England snow ! I believe they make blades and the DYI complete kits for just about every brand lawn tractor, maybe they sell plans also ? Something to look at ?


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            Mine was a homemade setup. The blade was probably way to wide for the mower and it stuck out pretty far from the front which probably just made the front end way to heavy. Still by the time you buy weights, and the plow how much are you going to be into it for? I really dont think these mowers have a strong enough drive train for plowing snow. That also will depend on the model though, the one I have has a plastic rear end. I deffinetly felt as though something was going to break if I tried to plow much snow with it. In my opinion just put the money towards a snow blower. You could probably pick up a used one for what the plow setup will cost you and it will work a lot better.


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              You could use that Lincoln 455 to weigh the back end of your tractor down....