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  • Sounds like a Camero

    A recent post on oil lines had me thinking about the response I gave. In it, I mentioned silver brazing as a method of joining the stainless tube, and possible a sleeve inside to make the welding easier.

    Well, this isn't that. This is someone's 2010 Camaro exhaust left overs in my Chevy van. I hope his upgrade make him go faster, I know my old van does. I can say with certainty now, they fit.

    Once I figured out the required amount of material to remove to allow for compression as the hose clamps squeezed the ring tight enough to fit inside, it was a cake walk in making them. It made fitting easier for one old guy on his back to accomplish. Eventually, it might get fuel injection hence the cats and o2 sensor plugs with the ball bearings for end caps. Silver brazing.

    I did do some GTAW on some vet. medical stuff. Purge and everything. That's were the autogenous and GMAW filler wire comes in. Interesting thing, it had a left hand thread to the cap. Turn out, it was stuck in the stomach of a cow, protruding from the hide which of course cause the cow to lick it. Can you guess which side it was placed? save you all from licking...not a chance.